Food and Recipes Good for Macular Degeneration

AMD Recipes from the Eat Right for Your Sight™ Cookbook:

Many people wonder, “what are the best foods for macular degeneration?” Proper nutrition is critical to eye health, and it’s important to know not only what to eat, but also how much. We’ve put together a cookbook – Eat Right for Your Sight™, featuring eye-healthy nutrient-rich ingredients in 83 easy and delicious recipes.

We’re happy to share a few of our favorites from Eat Right for Your Sight™, as well as some nutritional guidelines for maintaining healthy vision.

AMD Recipes from The Eat Right for Your Sight™ Cooking Show:

AMD Recipes from Feast for the Eyes® calendar:

More Resources for Recipes and Nutrition Information

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Click here for a printable chart of foods high in lutein and zeaxanthin.