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KeepSight Journal for Monitoring AMD

The KeepSight Journal, used in conjunction with treatment by your physician, provides a fun and easy way to monitor your vision.  A variety of tests are provided week by week so that you may track changes in your vision.  Should you notice any differences, you may report them to your doctor.

Monitoring yourself for any changes in vision is key to preserving your sight if you have AMD.  Even the slightest of distortions or difficulties should  be reported to your eye care specialist right away so a treatment can be applied, if necessary.

The KeepSight Journal can be a valuable addition to your AMD management kit.  Developed with support from the National Eye Institute, and clinically tested at leading eye clinics, it has been shown to be substantially more effective than the Amsler grid in helping patients report weekly vision monitoring.

The KeepSight Journal is a magazine-style tool, containing a variety of game-like tests, which you can use week-by-week to track changes in your vision.  There are also profiles of people with AMD, recipes, and other useful information to help you navigate your life with AMD.

At AMDF, we believe that patient engagement in self-care is crucial to achieving the best possible outcomes.  The KeepSight Journal is designed to track subtle changes that you might overlook, and can empower you to report these changes to your eye care specialist.

When used in conjunction with a treatment plan developed by your physician —  including routine visits for high quality imaging of your retina, making AMD-healthy lifestyle choices in terms of diet and exercise, and staying on schedule with anti-VEGF injections — the KeepSight Journal can help you to preserve your sight.

Order your Free KeepSight Journal here