Raise Awareness

We look forward to the day that awareness of macular degeneration is as common as other major conditions, such as diabetes, or heart disease.

Other than the juvenile form of macular degeneration (Stargardt’s), macular degeneration has several known modifiable risk factors. If you knew you could save your sight for longer, wouldn’t you want the opportunity?

We also want everyone from family and friends, to policy makers, to understand the nuanced impact of AMD-related vision loss on the daily lives of people.

Awareness can lead to better risk reduction, and better care, services, treatments, accessibility, and independence.

How to be an AMD Awareness Ambassador

Tell your story! Tell your friends, and especially your family, about your diagnosis and what you’ve learned about risk factors. Encourage regular eye exams for your friends and family over the age of 45, and if they are at genetic risk, they should let their eye care professional know.

If you’d like to share your story to the public, please use our contact form. We share stories that help readers understand risk factors, signs of a vision emergency, the emotional impact of living with vision loss, the emotional impact of a diagnosis, how to maintain independence, the needs of people with macular degeneration, the needs of those in a support system, and more. You can submit your story or your pitch by using our contact form, and put “Story Submission” as the subject line. We may use your story on our website, Facebook, our print newsletter, or, we may reach out to take a deeper dive with audio or video format.

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