Access in Sight! AMD Advocacy and Action Week

AMDF has declared the fourth week of February as Access in Sight! AMD Advocacy and Action Week, as part of the annual Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Low Vision Awareness Month every February.

2024 DATES: February 25-29

Access in Sight!  AMD Advocacy and Action Week is a public call-to-action to bring the attention of policy makers and the public to issues that affect the daily lives of people with vision loss caused by macular degeneration. 

This year, we are asking that:

Funding for the National Eye Institute for Fiscal Year 2024 be passed at $896.5 Million to accelerate the development of new treatments. 

Medicare be expanded to cover low vision assistive devices and rehabilitation services through passage of the Medicare Dental, Vision and Hearing Benefit Act of 2023.

The CDC’s Vision and Eye Health Surveillance System receive sufficient support of $6.5 million, as described in the Senate’s  proposed Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations.

Transportation be made more available and more accessible to Americans who cannot drive, through the development of a state-by-state, country-wide, volunteer driver initiative.

Join the Access in Sight Campaign Virtually 

If each and every person affected by macular degeneration – whether diagnosed, treating, assisting, or caring – were to call and write in to their representatives, we would create a virtual tsunami of support over the airwaves that’s impossible to ignore. 


There’s power in numbers, and even more so when all those voices are singing the same refrain. Here’s what you can do.

On February 29, AMDF, in partnership with the National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research, and along with a small contingent of patients, scientists, and low vision service providers, will be in Washington DC to conduct in-person Hill visits to present our priorities to members of Congress and the Senate.

At noon, we will hold a Congressional Briefing on the state of macular degeneration in the U.S.


In advance of our arrival in DC on February 29, we need YOU to write in and call your representatives to tell them we’re coming, and to let them know you want them to pay attention, and particularly to attend the Congressional Briefing, Macular Degeneration: Research, Treatments, and Community Needs, to be held February 29, from 12-1PM ET in Rayburn Room 2045

We’ve created scripts for emails and calls, to keep the messaging consistent, easy to understand, and actionable. 

Write Your Representatives!

Write in advance of our arrival in DC on Feb 29th to let them know we’re coming and you want their support on AMD issues! Click the button to customize a form letter.

Call Your Representatives!

Follow up your email with a call! Click here to find the phone numbers to the representatives for your district. And then click the button below for a call script guide.


  • Be prepared: Research the legislator’s background or stance on the issues or any relevant legislation. Have they supported NIH in the past, or have they supported expanded healthcare legislation? That can help as you make your call.
  • Be clear and concise: Start with a brief introduction sharing your name, where you’re from, and why you’re calling (that you’re living with or impacted by AMD) and are asking them to support certain priorities.
  • Personalize the message: The call script and letter are guidelines but are customizable. If you’ve got a unique experience about any of the topics (need for NIH funding for new treatments and cures, improved access to assistive devices, or transportation and accessibility challenges), share that experience and why it’s important to you.
  • State your ask: the four key asks are outlined in both the letter and the call script. Make them clear and concise.
  • Be friendly and respectful: This is not a political call, this is a policy call. Regardless of your politics, this call is about the issues that are important to you and the AMD community. Be respectful, say please and thank you’s, and offer to follow up with the office if they have any questions.

Share your experience: Let us know how your call went or if you receive a reply email. It’s helpful for us as we continue to reach out to members to ask for their support on these issues. Use our contact form, and put “Follow up to Access in Sight Outreach” in the subject line.