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AMDF Premieres New Film on ‘Living with Macular Degeneration’ for AMD Awareness Month 2023

February 8, 2023

As part of AMD Awareness Month 2023, The American Macular Degeneration Foundation announces the premiere of:

Life with Macular Degeneration
Patient Stories

Mary Toss: The Perseverance of Spirit

About the Film

In this honest, short documentary, Mary Toss shares her personal story of living with macular degeneration. She reflects on the reality of vision loss and grief, and the film reveals the eventual potential for the triumph of spirit. 

Through interviews with Mary and conversations with friends and family, we get an intimate view into Mary’s daily life. From the tricks she’s discovered to adjust to vision loss, to the people who make up her support network, we see Mary persevering, with acceptance, and humor, to live independently with dignity. 

AMD patient Mary Toss sits at table with her four daughters. Coffee and food sits on the table as the women talk.
Movie still showing Mary Toss discussing living with macular degeneration with her four daughters.

AMD Awareness Month 2023

AMD Awareness Month is a nationally recognized awareness month dedicated to raising awareness about the disease of age-related macular degeneration. You can learn more about age-related macular degeneration at What is Macular Degeneration.

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10 thoughts on “AMDF Premieres New Film on ‘Living with Macular Degeneration’ for AMD Awareness Month 2023”

  1. Despite all these alternatives, it is regrettable that nothing has yet been discovered for the cure of this disease. They say there are great advances, but there is almost no progress.
    It is revolting.

    1. Carlos, it can feel really frustrating. But from the perspective of those of us who’ve seen the advances, things are MUCH better now than when people were diagnosed 40 years ago. And there are more advancements happening all the time. It feels slow, but this is the way of research. The body is a highly complex organism!

  2. I am sorry to hear that there are others dealing with AMD and deals with it! It is what it is. Supportive family and friends make a big difference. I do not want pity! I am bed that my daughter and her husband lo live 5 miles away. and are terrific. My daughter takes me to the doctors first appointment so that she can get to work on time. I try to focus on what I can do and on my blessings!

    1. Judy, that sounds like a great outlook! It is difficult to lose independence, but a wonderful blessing when you have family nearby. Transportation is a big issue for people with vision loss.

  3. What a healthy outlook Mary has on life. No wonder she is 91. I will use the tips she gave to deal with AMD. I’m hoping to get more help from future films. Thank you, AMDF.

    1. You’re welcome Margaret. Thanks for watching, and taking a moment to comment. We have more films on the way!

  4. Does Mary have wet or dry AMD? What treatment does she have. Touching film for any older person.

  5. My aunt has Macular Degeneration, she is also in her nineties. Now I understand how she has lost her sight but can apparently still see some things. I feel like I got to know Mary, and be aware of her symptoms. This film has made me curious about what the causes it and whether anything is known about prevention. Lucky I could ‘Google’ it.

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