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Clinical Trial on Lutein to Treat AMD

It is possible to provide AMD patients with effective dietary advice and nutritional supplemts that help (but don’t cure) the disease, so early detection is crucial. 

The benefit of lutein supplementation for eye health was shown by a studyknown as the “Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial” (LAST). This study showed a statistically significant improvement in visual function, glare recovery, and contrast sensitivity.

LAST, a groundbreaking year-long study conducted by the U.S. Government’s Veteran’s Administration, was very successful. In fact, Nutraceutical Sciences Institute’s® (NSI®) OcuPower®, which was used in the study, now has the distinction of appearing in the April 2004 edition of Optometry, which is the Journal of the American Optometric Association. Improvement of vision and of “dry” (also known as atrophic) AMD symptoms were the goals of this study. And because low lutein intake is a major risk factor for AMD, LAST was designed to evaluate lutein’s effects, both as part of the OcuPower formula and alone.

The results of LAST were very encouraging, and the group that took the OcuPower formula actually experienced improved vision function. In this study, the patients were split into groups, and given different nutrient combinations. One group (average age 76) took OcuPower, and displayed documented levels of improved vision in a variety of areas, including contrast sensitivity or quality of vision. According to researchers, these findings show that OcuPower’s formulation of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, together with just the right amount and form of lutein, is very effective for improving vision in patients with AMD.

OcuPower contains a patented formula of 39 nutrients minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and amino acids, in their optimal amounts and forms. It has been formulated with 10 mg of FloraGlo® lutein — 40 times higher than the store-bought once-a-day multi-vitamins. OcuPower also contains 160 mg of standardized bilberry, which may prevent cataracts and may help AMD syptoms.

The authors of this study suggest that AMD is, at least in part, a nutrition-responsive disorder, and that supplementation, particularly with lutein, can improve eye function and slow the progression of the disease. Other studies have supported the role of lutein in AMD.