How to Find a Doctor

The most important element of your vision health is finding an eye care provider that you can trust. For each person this will be different. Some patients feel trust when they feel their doctor is well-experienced and regarded. Others need clear and thorough communication. Decide what you most want and need in order to locate a doctor you can develop a trusting relationship with. 

You also need to consider where you are in your macular degeneration journey. Did you just discover you have macular degeneration at a routine eye exam? Or are you here because you know a family member has macular degeneration and you want to be monitored closely and have a doctor you can ask questions of? Or maybe you’ve had macular degeneration for years that has been stable, but you’ve detected vision changes and feel an urgency to see a retina specialist.

Once you have your personal criteria in mind, and you have assessed what type of eye care professional you want to see, you can either start by asking for referrals from your primary care physician or your primary eye care provider. 

If you would like to see every provider available in your area, use Google to search for providers near you. You can enter search terms like, “Ophthalmologists near me”, or “Retina specialist in [insert the name of your town or city]”. Google will show you both who is closest to you and where they are, as well as reviews for that provider if any have been left. Read the reviews for clues as to how well the provider might fit what you are looking for.