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AMDF Patient Packet – 25 Pack


25 Pack AMDF Patient Packet/Folder


25 of our Patient Packet for doctors offices –  double sided pocket folder with information about macular degeneration. Included:

  • AMDF Double-sided card with basic information about macular degeneration on one side, and ways to reduce your risk on the other.
  • AMDF A Brighter Tomorrow brochure – overview of macular degeneration, symptoms, treatments, risk factors, and Amsler Grid.
  • 8 1/2 x 11 Amsler Chart
  • Nutrition Information Card – double-sided with information about how nutrition impacts macular degeneration on one side, and free recipe on flip side.
  • AMDF Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Current research articles
  • Complimentary AMDF print newsletter “In the Spotlight”.