Important Research Into Macular Degeneration

This section of the website informs you of medical research into causes and treatments of macular degeneration, gives an inspiring case history, and offers a gift for your telling your story as part of a current study.

AMD Research — Overview of key research into macular degeneration.

Genetics of AMD — About the genetics of AMD and promising gene therapy.

Complement Factor H (CFH) — An interview with a prominent PhD researcher and his promising discoveries.

Study on Lutein and AMD — A summary of an exciting clinical trial on the nutrient Lutein for treating macular degeneration.

Study on Zeaxanthin and AMD — A Harvard study provides direct proof of a dietary nutrient’s essential role in protecting the retina from damaging light.

Study on Zinc and Vitamins — A summary of findings from a nationwide clinical trial regarding antioxidant vitamins and zinc in treating macular degeneration.

Inspiring Case History — Meet Polly Brown, a missionary with a visionary approach to living with macular degeneration.