Vision Aids

Low vision devices can often improve the eyesight of people with macular degeneration. These devices can help make life easier. For example, there are a variety of magnifiers to enlarge print to make it easier for you to read. Such magnifiers include spectacles, telescopes, hand or stand-alone magnifying glasses or closed circuit television. They are prescribed by your ophthalmologist or by referral to a low vision specialist.
Other helpful devices include watches and timers with larger easy to read numbers; special lamps to provide bright illumination for reading and close work; books, newspapers and periodicals in large print; attachments for telephones in large-print type; and even talking calculators and books. Such devices are available today. They may be able to assist some patients in leading as normal a life as possible even with their vision loss. For low vision centers and vision rehabilitation agencies in your locale, call The Lighthouse Information and Resource Service at (212) 821-9624.
For additional resources, please see our Care & Services Directory which includes links to Low Vision Centers, State Agencies for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and links to Visual Aids Resources.